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Slow Internet Connection

General Troubleshooting

The server speed may vary, based on the following factors:

  • The distance between you and our server
  • The distance between our server and the website you want to visit
  • The number of people using the VPN server simultaneously
  • The protocol used
  • What you or the server must do to get the desired content

A general note that might help is to choose a server that is the least remote from your location.

Please consider these basic troubleshooting steps before contacting support:

  • Try all other available types of VPNs (Balanced, Highspeed, Ultra secure) as some can be faster than others.
  • Try connecting to another server in the same region and connecting to another server in another region. Also connect to a server as close as possible. In case you need to contact support please let us know what you have tried so far.
  • Use a different device to see if there is a difference in speed. If so, it's not our service that's causing the trouble.
  • If you notice slow speed at a remote location, please check if the speed remains the same when using another server.

Please also check if slow speed occurs only on individual websites. This would mean that the providers of this website have problems with their servers and the cause lies not with us.

Please also note that some complications with connection problems do not depend on us:

  • Wireless signal - Can you get higher speed when you're closer to the router?
  • Low system resources (e.g. low hard disk space, low memory)
  • Other network users who download large files or streaming media
  • An application that runs in the background and uses your Internet connection to capacity

No further troubleshooter steps...

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