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Antivirus-Program detects malware

General Troubleshooting

Some antivirus programs incorrectly detect malware on the SpyOFF software. However, SpyOFF is definitely safe to use and will not cause any damage to your PC. We're constantly improving our product to ensure this remains as such.

The reason your security tools alert you is that we use similar communication processes as used by malware.

These steps need to be carried out:

1. Temporarily disable the anti-virus software.
2. Download the SpyOFF installation file: Download
3. Add the installation file to the anti-virus program's exception list.
4. Install SpyOFF.
5. Add SpyOFF to the anti-virus program's exception list.

If this does not help, the antivirus software may conflict with the SpyOFF software. Please try to remove the antivirus software completely and then re-install SpyOFF. Afterwards you can reinstall your antivirus program.

Please contact Support if the problem still occurs. Write ticket

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