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Installation File does not launch

General Troubleshooting

If the installation file cannot be opened, this may be due to SpyOFF not being supported by your operating system.

On Windows the installation can only be carried out under the condition that Net4.5 Framework is installed.

Otherwise please contact the support in our ticket system.

 In order to analyze the issue, please send us a logfile, which you can see in Windows during the installation in the Event Viewer:

Step 1:

Open event logs: Type "Event Viewer" in the Windows-Search (via Windows button)

Step 2:

Select "Application" from the drop-down menu and send us a screenshot of the log files and then the same under "System"

Launch the installation file. In the event viewer, the corresponding error messages are displayed, which we will need to find a solution.

Step 3:

Please select "Save all events as" in the right selection menu. Enter any filename (e.g. your username + Eventlog), save this file on your hard drive and send us these files.


No further troubleshooter steps...

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