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How can I see that my IP-Adress is actually encrypted?

General Troubleshooting

Reasons Why Your IP Address Should Be Encrypted:


Hide your true location

Choose your preferred location from more than 14,000 IP addresses and 335 servers in 21 countries. Effectively hide your Internet footprints.

Protect your online privacy

With a secure SSL connection SpyOFF encrypts your traffic and prevents your online data from getting into the hands of hackers, spies and paranoid government agencies.

Download and Browse Anonymously

Hide your real online identity and IP address. Websites you visit will only see our servers and masked IP addresses to preserve your anonymity on the web.

How can you check if your IP is encrypted?

In the client you will see how your IP address changes when you connect to a server. If you want to make sure again where this IP address is, you can perform an IP Check . There are countless versions on the Internet.

You may for example use the following: "What is my IP Address?" before and after using SpyOFF.

You will see that your IP address has changed and you can now absolutely anonymous surf the web.


No further troubleshooter steps...

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