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The most common causes of connection problems with a VPN

General Troubleshooting

The most frequent connection problems of our customers and their causes are summarized here. This article is updated frequently.

Why can't I connect with SpyOFF?

1) Authentication failed

Wrong combination of user name and password. Please try to log into the SpyOFF member area. If the login does not work there, the password needs to be reset: Reset the password

2) The subscription has expired

To see your contract details, please log into the member area. The account status shows whether your subscription is active or disabled. You are only able to log into the SpyOFF software when the account is active.

3) Incorrect installation

The client does not work or cannot start? Most issues can be solved with a new installation of SpyOFF.

To do so, close SpyOFF and uninstall the software by opening the system control panel. Remove it from programs and functions.

For the new installation please follow the VPN installation instructions. The current version of the client can be found here: Download SpyOFF

4) Firewall and anti-virus software block the connection

To check whether this is the case, please temporarily disable the firewall and the antivirus program. If SpyOFF is working, an exception needs to be added for SpyOFF.  Further help

Furthermore, the ports 1723 and the protocol Gre 47 have to be enabled. In the router please also enable PPTP passthrough and (if available) L2TP passthrough. Please restart the router and the computer and try to establish a connection with SpyOFF. If these options are not available in your router menu, you cannot set up a connection via PPTP or L2TP with your router.

5) SpyOFF does not support your operating system

Windows Vista and XP are not supported. These operating systems are out of date and are not even serviced by Windows anymore. Without updating the operating system, security gaps are exposed, which is why we advise against using outdated operating systems.

Currently, there is no client for Linux available, but SpyOFF can be set up manually. Merely the user interface will be omitted. Linux Setup Guide

Main reason why certain websites cannot be accessed even though a VPN connection exists

Streaming services take action against certain VPN protocols in order to prevent the change of geo-location. This is a constant process between VPN vendors and streaming services. It may be possible that sometimes a connection can be stable with different servers. The following steps may be provide help:

Clear the cache and browser history. Some data is stored in the browser, which prevents the connection to the streaming pages. Please delete them, restart the browser and try to access the website again.

Reasons why OpenVPN (UltraSecure) cannot connect

1) On Windows 7, please make sure that SpyOFF is run with administrator permissions. Right-click SpyOFF and run as administrator

2) Please ensure also that the current version of SpyOFF is installed. The client is usually updated automatically but if this should fail, the current version can be found here.

3) Temporarily deactivate your security software (anti-virus program + firewall). Test SpyOFF. If a connection is possible now, add an exception rule in your firewall + antivirus program.

No further troubleshooter steps...

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