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How do i set up a Graphical OpenVPN Client on Linux?

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This tutorial describes how to create a graphical user interface for your SpyOFF OpenVPN client.

 Perequisite for this tutorial is, that you hve already configured your SpyOFF OPENVPN server. A tutorial can be found here.


Step 1: Install Network Manager:

 First we install the network manager. for this we enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome


 Step 2:  Connection Manager and Settings

Now we click on the network icon -> VPN Connections -> Configure VPN to open the Connection Manager. Here we click on "Add".

 In the following window we select the option "import saved VPN configuration" and click on "Create"

 Now we can define a connection name (here: spyoff)

You can choose yiou Server at "Gateway"

Finally, we enter the username and the pass

Please make sure you attach a @spyoff to your username.


​Step 3: Start VPN connetion

 Now we can start the VPN connection with a click on the network icon -> VPN connections -> Your connection name (here: SpyOFF)


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